Humanity’s Hiatus

I recently joined a local writing club. Every week a new prompt is suggested. Last week’s prompt was “Hibernate”. This was my submission. Horizons harness Helios Holding heat hostage – Hollows house haggard hunters Harboring hiemal hermits – Hypothermia humbles, hounding haughty halfwit heroes Humoring hardened hyperboreans – Harsh hail hurricanes howl haunting harmonies HarrowingContinue reading “Humanity’s Hiatus”

Ode to Eddie

Beauty hides in the darkest places Its radiance overbearing the surrounding shadows For even in a tunnel that never ends Light can be seen at its egress Five days past, a life ceased to live A life expressing, sharing art Eddie Van Halen touched his last chord But the hearts touched with it will neverContinue reading “Ode to Eddie”


I am the medium, mediocre and measly; I am the minimum, more than the max; I am the machine, making and minting; I am the mortar, made for the mixing. I am the mist, mask to the masses; I am the media, misdirecting the mind; I am the mediator, mitigating the maim; I am theContinue reading “Me”

Righteous Injustice

We’re told to babysit ourselves Otherwise we’ll die We’re not supposed to leave the house Unless we need to Apparently “need” is loosely defined Libertarians protest libelously Because their freedom is compromised It’s funny They don’t seem to understand Freedom has no value When you’re dead I’m salty I follow the rules I watch thoseContinue reading “Righteous Injustice”

Nature’s Paradoxes

I wrote some haikus. Gray skies are great lies Foreboding as they are, they Break to give us life Colored leaves imprint Beauty in my retina As they fall and die Wind whistles and screams Tearing the calm limb from limb Making the trees dance A lone rose dares rise Above the lifeless concrete ToContinue reading “Nature’s Paradoxes”

Silver Linings

Weather is determinant Of my mood but It’s not like you think Because sunny skies are Warm and all And associated With 🙂 That happy face Of black ink Is a paradox It’s a grammatical collaboration Cold and unforgiving It’s dark ink, poison But it’s also reminiscent Of facial muscles working For the Dopamine GodContinue reading “Silver Linings”


I wrote this one over two years ago, and I just came across it again. Feels like the quality of my writing has declined since then. This feelingRemembering a timeLife was good thenBut at the timeI took it for granted Hearing a songA scent in the airFriends from the pastBring back a rushI want itContinue reading “Nostalgic”


This is a cross between poem and journal, so I’ve decided to upload it as both. There are people out there whose fingers dance on the keyboard, partaking in an elegant gala of waltzes and jazz. Their hands glide with style, a charisma that talks; visual music fills the space that they’re in. But I,Continue reading “Mechanical”

Moment’s Notice

I feel that I’ve lived a thousand years young, An infinite lapse in a moment of time. … What seems a mere minute, gleeful and fun, Compares to the seconds of hours of hurt. … Discomfort relieves as does happiness fade; The permanent theme is that life must move on. … A query unanswered, aContinue reading “Moment’s Notice”

At Sea

At face value this is simply about the quarantine, but it reflects some of my recent thoughts about where I am in life. This is another attempt at deviating from my typical poetry style. I’ve been here before When I didn’t mind it It was smooth sailing Because I chose it And even if itContinue reading “At Sea”


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