What the—

The other day I was thinking about my childhood. My mood wasn’t wistful, or nostalgic, or melancholy, or any other number of adjectives that attempt to encompass a feeling that can’t be put into words. No, I was thinking about how I talked. It’s no secret that kids are dumb, and even at their smartestContinue reading “What the—”

Weighted Words

Not every sentence needs to be taken with such down-to-earth gravity. Certain sayings are just taken too seriously when they are truly lighthearted in context.  Take common phrases, for example. You’ll easily find atheists invoking the name of God. You might hear one say “Oh my god, Brandon is shoving chalk up his nose,” orContinue reading “Weighted Words”

An Author’s Nightmare

As I sit here drinking mystery flavored tea, reflecting on my past and wondering yet again what to write, I find that I don’t have an ending to this sentence. Now I’m thinking of how to rewrite that first sentence so as to omit the second part while still having it make sense. This isContinue reading “An Author’s Nightmare”

Respond to This One

A new semester begins. It’s all online, thanks to a certain virus we shall not name. Each student in my writing class had to make a forum post introducing themselves, as well as respond to two other students’ introductions (hence this title—it’s the same title I used for my posting). Anyways, here’s what I wrote:Continue reading “Respond to This One”

Jogging in a Hurricane

Yesterday, a hurricane by the name of Isaias swept through the east coast of the United States. My hometown lay along its path of carnage. While Isaias took the lives of several individuals across the coast, it mostly targeted trees and power lines where I live. The winds were a force not to be reckonedContinue reading “Jogging in a Hurricane”


I’m on a quest to find the perfect font. Despite the wide array at my discretion, most of them do not fit the criteria of “the perfect font”. It must be pleasing to the eye—a degree of fun, but serious enough to attest to the credibility of the content. For some reason, a lot ofContinue reading “Fonts”

Fighting Fire with Fire

It has been an insane year. One tragedy following another, each shedding a new light on the horrific reality of today’s society. It’s less than necessary to list them all. We’re all a part of this fiasco, whether guilty of conforming to the criminal ignorance leading to calamity or not. The latest uproar is yetContinue reading “Fighting Fire with Fire”

Dear Mrs. Scherman…

Dear Mrs. Scherman,                                                                                     6 May 2020 It’s been twelve years since I was in your class. A lot has happened since then, but that’s not what I’m writing to you about. I fell in and out of academics, but after a long teenage journey I find myself at the end of my veryContinue reading “Dear Mrs. Scherman…”

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