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Humanity’s Hiatus

I recently joined a local writing club. Every week a new prompt is suggested. Last week’s prompt was “Hibernate”. This was my submission. Horizons harness Helios Holding heat hostage – Hollows house haggard hunters Harboring hiemal hermits – Hypothermia humbles, hounding haughty halfwit heroes Humoring hardened hyperboreans – Harsh hail hurricanes howl haunting harmonies HarrowingContinue reading “Humanity’s Hiatus”

What the—

The other day I was thinking about my childhood. My mood wasn’t wistful, or nostalgic, or melancholy, or any other number of adjectives that attempt to encompass a feeling that can’t be put into words. No, I was thinking about how I talked. It’s no secret that kids are dumb, and even at their smartestContinue reading “What the—”

Ode to Eddie

Beauty hides in the darkest places Its radiance overbearing the surrounding shadows For even in a tunnel that never ends Light can be seen at its egress Five days past, a life ceased to live A life expressing, sharing art Eddie Van Halen touched his last chord But the hearts touched with it will neverContinue reading “Ode to Eddie”

Weighted Words

Not every sentence needs to be taken with such down-to-earth gravity. Certain sayings are just taken too seriously when they are truly lighthearted in context.  Take common phrases, for example. You’ll easily find atheists invoking the name of God. You might hear one say “Oh my god, Brandon is shoving chalk up his nose,” orContinue reading “Weighted Words”


I am the medium, mediocre and measly; I am the minimum, more than the max; I am the machine, making and minting; I am the mortar, made for the mixing. I am the mist, mask to the masses; I am the media, misdirecting the mind; I am the mediator, mitigating the maim; I am theContinue reading “Me”

An Author’s Nightmare

As I sit here drinking mystery flavored tea, reflecting on my past and wondering yet again what to write, I find that I don’t have an ending to this sentence. Now I’m thinking of how to rewrite that first sentence so as to omit the second part while still having it make sense. This isContinue reading “An Author’s Nightmare”

Respond to This One

A new semester begins. It’s all online, thanks to a certain virus we shall not name. Each student in my writing class had to make a forum post introducing themselves, as well as respond to two other students’ introductions (hence this title—it’s the same title I used for my posting). Anyways, here’s what I wrote:Continue reading “Respond to This One”

Jogging in a Hurricane

Yesterday, a hurricane by the name of Isaias swept through the east coast of the United States. My hometown lay along its path of carnage. While Isaias took the lives of several individuals across the coast, it mostly targeted trees and power lines where I live. The winds were a force not to be reckonedContinue reading “Jogging in a Hurricane”


I’m on a quest to find the perfect font. Despite the wide array at my discretion, most of them do not fit the criteria of “the perfect font”. It must be pleasing to the eye—a degree of fun, but serious enough to attest to the credibility of the content. For some reason, a lot ofContinue reading “Fonts”

Fighting Fire with Fire

It has been an insane year. One tragedy following another, each shedding a new light on the horrific reality of today’s society. It’s less than necessary to list them all. We’re all a part of this fiasco, whether guilty of conforming to the criminal ignorance leading to calamity or not. The latest uproar is yetContinue reading “Fighting Fire with Fire”


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Dear Mrs. Scherman…

Dear Mrs. Scherman,                                                                                     6 May 2020 It’s been twelve years since I was in your class. A lot has happened since then, but that’s not what I’m writing to you about. I fell in and out of academics, but after a long teenage journey I find myself at the end of my veryContinue reading “Dear Mrs. Scherman…”

Righteous Injustice

We’re told to babysit ourselves Otherwise we’ll die We’re not supposed to leave the house Unless we need to Apparently “need” is loosely defined Libertarians protest libelously Because their freedom is compromised It’s funny They don’t seem to understand Freedom has no value When you’re dead I’m salty I follow the rules I watch thoseContinue reading “Righteous Injustice”

Nature’s Paradoxes

I wrote some haikus. Gray skies are great lies Foreboding as they are, they Break to give us life Colored leaves imprint Beauty in my retina As they fall and die Wind whistles and screams Tearing the calm limb from limb Making the trees dance A lone rose dares rise Above the lifeless concrete ToContinue reading “Nature’s Paradoxes”

Achieving Greatness

I sometimes think about the greats of our world, and the incredible things they’ve accomplished. It’s mind-blowing, really—these people have devoted their lives to become really good at one thing. So good, to the point that it’s nice to simply watch them perform their talents. When I was younger I played a lot of basketball.Continue reading “Achieving Greatness”


I wanted to try something new. I doubt I’ll do this again, because this is really a one-time message. Hope my handwriting isn’t too messy.

Silver Linings

Weather is determinant Of my mood but It’s not like you think Because sunny skies are Warm and all And associated With 🙂 That happy face Of black ink Is a paradox It’s a grammatical collaboration Cold and unforgiving It’s dark ink, poison But it’s also reminiscent Of facial muscles working For the Dopamine GodContinue reading “Silver Linings”

The Hows of Writing

I have a few role models for my writing that I’ve wanted to mention. I have my poetic influences, and I have authors whose styles I try to emanate. I learn lessons from what I read, and I subconsciously incorporate the aspects I like in others’ art into my own. I’ve found a select fewContinue reading “The Hows of Writing”


I wrote this one over two years ago, and I just came across it again. Feels like the quality of my writing has declined since then. This feelingRemembering a timeLife was good thenBut at the timeI took it for granted Hearing a songA scent in the airFriends from the pastBring back a rushI want itContinue reading “Nostalgic”


This is a cross between poem and journal, so I’ve decided to upload it as both. There are people out there whose fingers dance on the keyboard, partaking in an elegant gala of waltzes and jazz. Their hands glide with style, a charisma that talks; visual music fills the space that they’re in. But I,Continue reading “Mechanical”

Moment’s Notice

I feel that I’ve lived a thousand years young, An infinite lapse in a moment of time. … What seems a mere minute, gleeful and fun, Compares to the seconds of hours of hurt. … Discomfort relieves as does happiness fade; The permanent theme is that life must move on. … A query unanswered, aContinue reading “Moment’s Notice”

At Sea

At face value this is simply about the quarantine, but it reflects some of my recent thoughts about where I am in life. This is another attempt at deviating from my typical poetry style. I’ve been here before When I didn’t mind it It was smooth sailing Because I chose it And even if itContinue reading “At Sea”

Life is a Hike

Today I went on my second hike. It’s becoming a Sunday tradition I can get behind, unlike the usual procrastination and impending dread of Monday. I’m not used to healthy forms of recreation and let me tell you, it’s incredible. I’m going to preface this by saying my bones hurt as I write this. MyContinue reading “Life is a Hike”

Vacation Elation

It’s spring break. Hurray. On a normal year this would be a much-anticipated hiatus from the trudging weight of schoolwork. For a lot of people it still is, marred slightly by the fact that going on vacation is unsafe and might get you banned from school. For the people that do care about staying safe,Continue reading “Vacation Elation”


So, coronavirus. Scary stuff. It definitely is a big issue. The disease quickly snowballed from being in one country (albeit a giant in global manufacturing and tourism) to a worldwide epidemic. As of yesterday (3/4/2020) the virus reached my home county, and it’s definitely jarring to be so close to something that just two weeksContinue reading “Coronavirus”

Never Enough

It doesn’t really seem like enough, even if I try Do I get to say I’ve tried? I could’ve done more I probably could have cared But I didn’t < > Even if I try it’s not enough Should I try? I’ve done more than I should’ve I should have devoted myself elsewhere But IContinue reading “Never Enough”


I’ve recently been made aware of a certain pattern I tend to follow in my poetry. It’s not necessarily a bad pattern, per se, but I’ve realized it’s not the tone I’ve been trying to convey. If you haven’t noticed yet, the poems generally begin in a dark or negative mood, ultimately progressing to aContinue reading “Resolutions”

Falling Apart

Looking around at our world today There’s so much to be down about The planet we inhabit has begun to decay And it seems there’s no way to get out Pollution levels are frighteningly high And turtles are choking on plastic Even as I watch my life flash me by I still find myself stuckContinue reading “Falling Apart”

Just Listen

Life experience has taught me that there are a plethora of ways to respond to any situation, but the best decision usually isn’t the easiest. The best decision is objective, but generally it requires effort or a struggle of some sort. The “correct” response will gnaw at the back of my brain, but I justContinue reading “Just Listen”

Getting Up

When I’m depressed and feeling down And times are really tough I know I mustn’t pout or frown Or other sad themed stuff Although life sometimes really blows When every turn is dark I’ll treat my woes like baseball throws And knock them out the park You see, it’s always easy to Knock myself toContinue reading “Getting Up”

Writing Process

I pick up a pencil No pen, for my sake Cuz I’m only human And I make mistakes So I think what to write About good or bad flows I decide on my flaws cuz They’re a little of both I paint a picture in my head And I draw it with words No—that wasn’tContinue reading “Writing Process”


One cloudy spring day A young boy got hurt A bully disliked him And pushed him to the dirt So he set down a brick A foundation in his mind To block out all hate And traits unrefined Spring turned to summer And summer to fall And soon the boy’s brick Grew into a wallContinue reading “Bricks”


When we try to communicate The thoughts within our minds The goal is to illuminate With our bright mental finds Speech is our way, see It’s the way in which we’re heard But often we’re too hasty Like a flying hummingbird An idea or reflection Can be properly presented But without good inflection Your wordsContinue reading “Words”

New Beginnings

New beginnings are so much more than the beginning of something. It doesn’t have to be a milestone in your life, like starting at a new school, job, location or family. In fact, the most important beginnings aren’t marked by anything. Take a New Year’s resolution, for example. We often just say “Starting today, I’mContinue reading “New Beginnings”

My First Blog Post

I don’t know what I’m doing here. I’m terrible with technology. Embarrassing, I know. I’m just doing what the WordPress man told me to. This is my first blog post? Sure. The real writing starts in my next post. What you’re reading now is more like what you say when you fell asleep in classContinue reading “My First Blog Post”

V-Day Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is coming up. I’ve never cared much for the holiday, especially considering I’ve never had a valentine and I don’t get off from school or work in wake of its celebration. But somehow, despite my best efforts to not care, the old adage “love is in the air” comes to mind. I’m hardlyContinue reading “V-Day Thoughts”

Just One of Those Days

Some days are long days. They’re dreadful before they even start. And they only get worse. Today was one of those days. But somehow when the hard part of the day was over, it didn’t seem quite as bad. It’s like driving through a really long tunnel with dull artificial lights, then you emerge andContinue reading “Just One of Those Days”

Going Places

Life is getting more intense. Three years ago today, I was in a school that was dragging me down. I slept most of the day, and when I wasn’t asleep I was either smoking weed or eating. I had already stopped my healthiest outlets, sports and working out, and my muscles were atrophying. Not justContinue reading “Going Places”


I don’t know how I will keep up With all the things I have to do Sit down and fill up your tea cup As I tell you what I go through I try to wake up in the morning But by then it’s nearly noon I recently began consorting To blame the guy whoContinue reading “Insomniac”


Keeping in touch with people is never easy. Especially if you don’t like them. But even when you do, it’s still hard. A chore. Conversations really keep us going. Sometimes I get lonely, and I want to talk to someone, but I have nothing to say. Or I have a topic in my head thatContinue reading “Perspective”

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