You are brought into the world once but those are other people’s choices and dreams. You are born again in your own.

-Pete Wentz


Big opener. Generic words. Funny anecdote.

My name is Eli. I’m 19 years old, and my life journey has started. Everything until now was a fluke called childhood. We don’t talk about it.

You’re reading this because I have one passion I’m actually proud of: writing. I’m probably good at other things too, but I don’t know them. Yet.

I like to do some creative writing and poetry. I was recently inspired to start writing again, so here we are. I’ve always dreamed of sharing my works, even if it makes me a little anxious. Well, congratulations. You’re part of my dream.

You, dear reader, are embarking on this journey along with me. We’re exploring the big scary world of blogging. Please hold my hand.

That’s all. I’m putting random information in random parts of my site. This is sort of like a beta version of my blog. Once I figure this thing out, it’s over for you folks. But for now, enjoy the framework. See you on the inside.

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